Smart Directions is a Saudi Arabia company working in the field of software, with specific goals and a future vision, and its goal is to build a unique name in the record of leading companies.

Smart Directions  company has a high-quality system called SAPTEC so far, which is the primary product on which corporate systems depend, as it continues to upgrade and develop the system to suit the changing requirements in the market, and what distinguishes it after sales and follow-up to its customers, and this increases the Efficient time and effort for institutional clients, by allocating appropriate solutions to each customer, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

At SAPTEC, anything is possible

Saptec Vision

Our Vision

centered around the creation of operational entities providing services easy, fast and competitive and more Effective and innovative ways and creative and innovative and competitive in the local and regional markets and global, our extensive experience will be an essential component in meeting our client's needs providing solid confidence in the quality of our services and helping us gain increasing market share.

Saptec Mission

OUR Mission

Moving forward through knowing the requirements of clients and providing services to the fullest professionally and professionally, relying on the high experience to meet all the customers requirements, thus ensuring a large market share for the company and a positive image of our customers in the market, which in turn is based on achieving the company profits.

Saptec Objectives


Our goals of excellence and achieve leadership and excellence in the markets in which we operate by creating professional standards high level in the ERP market and provide all services in a professional and professional, in addition to achieving the maximum amount of program activities and operating our company locally, regionally and globally.