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SAPTEC is the best solution for accounting solutions and organization of your business

SAPTEC ERP System Cloud

SAPTEC is the best in accounting (Financial System, Inventory Management System, Sales System, Procurement System, Personnel and Payroll System, Fixed Asset System, Manufacturing System, Project Management System)

ISO Training & Certifications

It is the abbreviation of the International Organization for Standardization, based in Geneva.

Website Design

Professional design and compatible with all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, computer) without the use of ready-made templates

Call Center Management System

A complete Contact Center solution with comprehensive functionalities for both inbound support, outbound customer follow-up and sales & marketing operations.

Business Intelligence System

The system to make the most of the power of your data, as well as the BI feature that allows you (visualizing data) to view your data so you can follow the KPI and profits

Social Media Management System

Collect, monitor and monitor all registered postcards and tickets for customers, whether they are registered by service personnel Or automatically grouped across sites

Facts and Figures

SAPTEC is your ideal choice for performing your business in a professional, efficient and yet simple manner

97 %
Technical support and after-sales service
94 %
Accounting program characterized by correct reports
95 %
Accounts program is simple and easy
99 %
Accounting software with secure data

Why SAPTEC for ERP cloud?

Flexible easy to use

In a few minutes you can start using SAPTEC and follow your business and manage it professionally.

Our prices are affordable

We have many price plans to suit all needs from small to medium to large companies..

Responsive application

Great design that is compatible with any tablet, tablet or mobile device..

Save time

I have set the standards for ease and speed of my SAPTEC Cloud regardless of the volume of transactions

Flexible calculation program

SAPTEC has set the ease and speed criteria for SAPTEC cloud regardless of the volume of transactions.

Return of value

Start reaping the fruits of your business faster and more efficiently than ever before with the help of SAPTEC

Featured brand

SAPTEC now is one of the distinctive brands in the field of accounting software in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world

Technical support and after sales service

Our five-star technical support where we are fully aware that the requirements of the customer must be solved in the least time and the highest professionalism, which distinguishes

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Certified by the Zakat, Income, Tax and Customs Authority

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